Projects 2019

Praxis ohne Grenzen, Hamburg

The Praxis ohne Grenzen (Pog) in Hamburg - a walk-in-clinic for patients without health insurance - has been founded in 2013 by the former head of the Centre of Innere Medizin im Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg, Prof. Peter C. Ostendorf. 

This clinic takes care of uninsured patients. They all get free medical treatment and counselling.

About 48 doctors with different specialisations as well as 15 nurses, social workers, interpreters, students and other staff provide their services once a week. The premises of the PoG are free of rent and the modern equipment has largely been financed by donations.

Every week about 100-120 patients seek help here (eg people who went bankrupt or people who cannot afford to pay health insurance, homeless people and illegal immigrants) and their number is rising continuously.

Many of the patients treated and supported in the PoG Hamburg urgently need operations and long-term medical therapies like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or insulin treatment etc. This cannot be provided in the PoG but has to be done in hospitals etc.

These vital operations and therapies that usually are expensive are financed by donations. We propose to contribute to the financing of these operations and therapies that are often vital for the life of the patients with the receipts of the Bazaar 2019.

Waisenhaus La Maison de La Providence in Adidogomé, Togo

The orphanage La Maison de La Providence in Adidogomé on the outskirts of Lomé/Togo has been founded 2006 by the Congrégation des Soeurs de la Providence de Saint Gaetan. It consists of a small house with a court. 

The orphanage currently takes care of 33 children aged between 18 months and 14 years. 

Its goal is to provide a family framework to children in distress and to guarantee to these children total support and an adequate education in an environment of Love, Affection, Respect, Security and Safety.

The orphanage currently occupies a rented house, which is inadequate for the number of children taken in. In addition, they have to pay a rent which is increasing at the rate of 20% every three years. Aware of this condition, the sisters and the orphanage have foreseen to construct a new orphanage. The plot has been given by the state and the financing of the first house is already partly covered by donations.

It is planned to construct two new houses for 20-25 children each. In 2019 the forage works necessary to secure the access to drinking water already started. It is important that the second house will be constructed soon to allow as many children as possible to benefit from the structure to its full extent.

We would like to propose to contribute to the financing of the second house.