Our Project 2022

The German Stand at the Bazar International de Luxembourg supports the following project in 2022:



The main goal of this non-profit organisation founded in 2007 is to teach young people from the poorest areas of Cape Town (South Africa) to play music as a way to keep them away from gangsterism and drugs and teach them life skills through musical education. 

Music lessons are offered free of charge by professional music teachers several hours a week on the premises of four schools in Cape Town with a special focus on indigenous music and culture from South Africa. 

The students can learn to play an instrument, to sing in a choir and to play in an orchestra. They acquire musical expertise to give them an opportunity to improve their lives in the future by becoming music teachers or professional musicians or just playing an instrument or singing in a choir as a hobby. Also, they acquire important social skills.

IMAD is a unique and comprehensive project that combines art and education and gives skills, hope and a meaning to the life of many young people; on top of that it helps music teachers from the area by providing them with an income.