Humanitarian Projects

The Bazar International de Luxembourg is a charity event under the High Patronage of Her Highness the Grand Duchess Maria-Theresa of Luxemburg.

All receipts generated during the Bazar are – after deduction of the costs – used to support around 100 humanitarian projects all over the world, and all volunteers work for free. 

According to the Rules of the Bazar International de Luxembourg every participating stand can nominate one or two projects for support, a national project (for the German stand this would be a project in Germany) and/or an international project. The proposals must meet strict criteria and are subject to rigorous evaluation by the Bazar´s committee before they are approved. 

Normally, each year one principal project is chosen to benefit of a higher amount of support. At  you can find a list of the projects supported in recent years. 

Also, a part of the receipts goes into an emergency relief fund so that money can be made available in case of emergency situations.

After the Bazar-weekend, usually the last weekend in November, all receipts generated by the different stands go into one fund. After knowing the amount of the receipts generated the Committee decides in March on the amounts to be dedicated to the different projects, not taking into consideration the proposing stand or the amount raised by a single stand. 

The focus is on smaller and less known humanitarian projects and organisations. We take care to build up a personal link with the proposed projects and organisations to make sure that the funds are used to their right end. 

Please let us know if you want to propose a project or organisation.    

Contact: Petra Moll e-mail:

In 2022, we propose the following project: “Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development” in Cape Town (South Africa).  

More information on the project can be found here!